Welcome to AmyFashionshop

Background info

Amyfashionshop is a trending follower online store starting in 2019, and the reason behind its existence is for women who need to take care of both their work and families all the time but are not even able to select an outfit they sincerely like. Due to the shortage of time, these women always randomly grab clothes from a local store or they can not search for their favorite clothes online. Therefore, Amyfashionshop would like to be a time capsule to save your time by displaying different styles but also trending clothes.

Concentrate On

Apparently, women's clothes are what Amyfashioshop does. However, to help the women who were mentioned above, we narrowed it down by supplying specific styles of clothes. Formal, elegant, sexy, and casual clothes are the four main styles Amy concentrates on. For working days, those women could easily choose either formal or elegant clothes from Amy. On weekends, they could choose either sexy or casual clothes to hang out or stay at home. After Amyfashionshop was launched in 2019, the majority of Amy family members are from America and UK. However, Amyfashionship welcomes women who have similar anxiety, no matter where they come from. 


Almost three years after Amyfashionshop existed, we received tons of customer reviews. Honestly, we do have bad reviews from Amy family members. However, the majority of reviews are positive and encouraging. The main theme the family members want to convey is that Amyfashionshop made their life easier by selecting their favorite style of clothes in less time. Then, they could have more time to take a rest from working and family issues. At the same time, they wear their favorite clothes every day either at work or home. It is a meaningful thing, and this is our responsibility.


We have conveyed our mission throughout the brand story. Amyfashionshop really would like to be a Personal Trending Outfit Manager for women who are stuck between work and family. Amyfashionship is here to find trending clothes and filter them based on four different styles, which could save much more time. By doing so, these women could have enough time to escape from work and family. That is what we hope. We would like to enlarge them to be a predator of fashion.